What Is The Best Internet Security Software

It’s normal to be concerned about the safety of your computer when you browse the internet. Desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, tablet and more have become part of our life. The use of internet has also increased. However, connecting to the internet has some risks. For instance, your identity may be stolen, the computer may be affected by a bug (virus), your personal or account details may be stolen, and more. This is making people install Internet Security Software.

What Is Internet Security Software?

Internet Security Software is a program that is designed to protect a computer from malicious attacks. When connecting to the internet, a computer is always under risk of viruses (bugs), phishing software, Trojan worms, and much more. The malware may cause errors in the computer. It may also lead to poor functioning. In worse case scenarios, the malware may lead to a total system crash. Installing the internet Security software protects the Desktop PC, Laptop, or any other computing device from such attacks.

How Does It Work?

There are many types of internet security software. All are designed to protect the computer against viruses or malware when using the internet. Nonetheless, they work in different ways. Some deploy a screening process which verifies all the incoming information. Other makes use of a security firewall that blocks off any suspicious activity or program. The suspect software or program may be quarantined awaiting further action. The security software is becoming more sophisticated. They combine several strategies to protect the computer.

What Are The Benefits of Internet Security Software?

The benefits of the security software for internet will vary from one brand to another. Some offer basic protection while other are quite high-tech. Nonetheless, they all provide the following benefits:

  • Protect the computer against bugs (viruses), Trojan worms and other malware (malicious software)
  • Safeguard the identity of the user by verifying all incoming data
  • By blocking of sniffing or phishing software, a user’s personal or account details are protected.
  • Ensure the computer is working at its optimum efficiency

Top Internet Security Software 2014

There are several good internet security software avilable. However, the following are the top 5:

  1. Symantec Norton 2014 – Offers good all-round protection and has a superb rate of detection
  2. Kaspersky 2014 – The software provides solid protection and also comes with a simple to use interface.
  3. AVG 2014 –  Highly advanced and comes with a many options. It also provides solid protection. The software is most suited for heavy users.
  4. McAfee 2014 –  The Internet Security comes with a user-friendly interface which is also touch-optimized. But, its zero-day defense is a bit weak
  5. Eset Smart 7 2014 – Offers good protection and is also easy to use. However, it may cause the system to drag sometimes.

Computing and internet play an integral role in our lives. People are always on the net or computing. Risk of losing sensitive information or a bug/virus infiltrating your computer is very much alive. The only way to minimise the risks is by installing internet security software. There are many types that are readily available. Installing one is just a matter of getting it via the internet. This will reduce questions such as “what is the best internet security software” and others.

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