What is Cybersecurity?

As we all live in the age of modern technology, we somehow got addicted, or most of us. But that fact isn’t coming without some consequences. Internet has got us all wired, and replaced our old address books, stock of files, papers and everything else. Now we all have our information out there. The tricky part is that someone could steal this information using that same technology against us. All of our data could be compromised with just one wrong move. This is where cybersecurity comes in. Cybersecurity has its focus on computers, networks, web pages from unauthorized use. Some of its elements are : network security, application security, device security and cybersecurity education.

There is global use of cybersecurity as well. The most important institutions of the country and the world are relying on computers and networks so they could store valuable information that are not for everybody to use. Imagine if that kind of information got compromised. This problem was recognized by the government and the big money is invested in cybersecurity sector.

There are lots of various attacks that cybersecurity needs to respond on. Some of them are : Viruses, Worms, Spyware, Trojans and many more. Although they use a different technique, they all have one thing in common. They are trying to get your information and gain control over your computer. Often you won’t be aware of that and you will think everything is fine.

There are many ways you can protect yourself.

  • Do not reveal many information about yourself, especially your address or bank account information.
  • Be aware that the internet is a public place. Share the information you are confident that can’t harm you and feel comfortable to share with others.
  • Don’t believe everything or everyone. There are lots of false things on the internet.
  • Check the applications you install, make sure they are always coming from a reliable source.
  • Always use strong passwords that could not be guessed so easily.
  • Install and keep up to date your anti-virus software. They can detect the attacks and provide you ways to defend from them.
  • And the most important thing is to educate yourself about the problems you could encounter and the ways to deal with them. You can attend some courses or find tutorials online.

All of this has made the field of cybersecurity a good job opportunity as well, so many people have taken it as a career outlook. You must have been wondering now, how could that be a career opportunity? Well, simple as that. Every major institution and private firm needs a capable person to provide the protection to their information. The challenge is though and the world needs someone to take the challenge.

Feeling already excited ? Well you should be. Demand for cybersecurity professionals is only increasing. All you need is an cybersecurity education and a strong will. There are many ways you can obtain an education in this field. Universities have seen the need for better and steadier ways to provide an education, so you have many of them offering programs that include that particular field. Also you can choose to obtain a degree in IT related disciplines like IT Management or IT Software development. If you don’t feel like obtaining diploma, don’t worry, we have an option for you. Companies are now offering cyber apprenticeships, so you can learn the job by watching it being done, and earn some cash also. Also if you have some IT knowledge and experience, you can learn all about cybersecurity trough trainings and courses. There are many organizations that are offering basic and advanced classes on the topic of cybersecurity, they are not that much time consuming and are perfect if you want to learn the job in a quick and easy way.

If we assume that you are novice and don’t have a clue, the Cyber Aces is your answer. Cyber Aces is an organization that is helping individuals with an interest in cybersecurity to obtain the skills needed and chose it as a career outlook. There you can learn the basics, see what your skills are, how to develop them, and gain guidance on your way of becoming the true cybersecurity expert.

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